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Hack a school snack!

Time and patience are magical ingredients if you want to excel in something new.

Here are three ideas to make the daily lunch more yummy and delightful. Once you go snack, you’ll never want to go back!

Banana break!

What to use
A banana, a pencil, a carrot, a knife and a grape.

How to
1. Grab a pencil and paint eyebrows and nose on the banana
2. Slice a red grape and place it as eyes on the banana
3. Peel a slice from a carrot and use a knife to cut teeth. Place them as a mouth on the banana

Pack the banana in the lunch box and wait for the little giggles as the coolest banana in town says hi.

An apple a day...

What to use
Grab the favorite cake tin shape and get creative.

How to
1. Slice a piece of bread
2. Use a cake tin to shape the bread as desired
3. Grab the favorite bread spreading and either shape it with the cake tin or use a knife to spread it on the bread

Pack it in the lunch box together with some seasonal fruit and a nicely wrapped bakery.

We are sure it will be exciting to see what the shape of the day will be.

Flower power snack attack

Admitted, this is the ambitious one. So you need
Vegetables, bread, spreadings, a cake tin, a knife.

How to
1. Slice vegetables as flowers and place them in the bottom of the lunch box
2. Grab a piece of bread and place your choice of topping on the bread
3. Grab another pieces of bread and the cake tin and shape the bread like a butterfly
4. Use the knife to spread the topping on the wings of the butterfly
5. Cut some vegetables and use them on the body of the butterfly and as antennas
6. Place the butterfly on top of the flower shaped vegetables
7. Close, serve and wait for applause.