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to our inspirational playground

Here you can find tips, ideas and inspiration for everyday life as well as for the extraordinary days of the year. You can explore things you can do together (in all kinds of weather), tickle your creativity and have fun together with people you love.

Turn off the Wi-Fi and play it cool with eco-friendly entertainment for the kids.

Up for an eco-friendly September? If you’re keen on going green see what we have in store for you.

Use, reduce, dance, upcycle! Greenify your kitchen, upcycle your day and learn more about our plastic pledge

Our new eco-friendly bag is made of recycled bottles. And we’ve added some fun on the backside of the bag.

We’ve done our homework and gathered some inspiration to spice up your kid’s first days of school.

Have fun with our recyclable shipping box when you’ve unpacked your online order.