Consistency and transparency are a key pillar in any responsibility work. We use our responsibility policy framework to clarify our positions, guide our decision-making and define expectations for our business partners. The framework comprises of policies on business ethics, human rights, product safety and the environment. Within responsible sourcing, our Supplier Code of Conduct is the leading document. It has been complemented by policies on animal welfare, child labour and young workers, as well as home workers. In 2018, we published our second transparency statement according to the UK Modern Slavery Act and we will continue doing so moving forward.
In 2019, we will also review and publish all our policies and establish new baselines in some areas.

Business Ethics

When dealing with our manifold suppliers and partners we are expected to manage the risk of unethical behaviour and to promote anticorruption. Our Business Ethics Code of Conduct outlines the ethical expectations to our employees. The Code is signed by all employees at Flying Tiger Copenhagen, all partners and subsidiaries, including their Headquarter staff, district and store managers. All our partners and most employees in leadership positions at Flying Tiger Copenhagen have received face-to-face business ethics training.

The Code of Conduct and the trainings are supplemented by our whistle-blower scheme, enabling our employees to report unethical and illegal behaviour anonymously. In 2019, no instance of illegal or unethical behaviour has been reported.

Link to our whistle-blower scheme here