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Welcome back to school

Guess what! The end of summer is full of beautiful beginnings. We’ve done our homework and gathered some tips, tricks and inspiration to spice up your kid’s first days of school.

The first day of school is something to look forward to. And while learning how to add and subtract are important, being a good classmate means more. You know, learn how to listen and remember to raise your hand. Help sharpen a friend’s pencils and share a favourite snack.

Hack a school snack!

Make your kid’s lunch more yummy and delightful. It’s easy and doesn’t take great skills or too much time.

And here is a promise– once you go snack, you’ll never want to go back!

Did you know that Circus performers carry a hair from an elephant's tail in their pockets for good luck?  

Colour our circus!  

Ladies and gentlemen, we invite your kid to join our circus. Print our pictures and juggle with colours. Try to paint inside the line, but if you take it outside it’s perfectly fine!

Did you know that a pencil has the potential to draw a 56 km line?