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Oh snap, the gingerbread house is back!

Baking a gingerbread house is not necessary a piece of cake but building and decorating one is always a lot of fun – especially if the whole family join hands and do it together.

Swing by one of our stores and pick up a gingerbread house. One of them is a kit with three little houses (two for practicing and a third for perfection).

What you’ll need:

  • - DIY gingerbreadhouse
  • - Icing sugar or cake glue
  • - Decorative gel
  • - Sprinkles
  • - Biscuits
  • - Other sweets (the sky’s the limit!)

How to build:

  • 1. Start by painting and decorating all the sides and the roof of the house using decorative gel so it looks fantastic.
  • Tip: You can also prepare you own royal icing: Beat 2 egg whites lightly and add approx. 500g icing sugar – the icing shouldn’t be runny but should hold its shape. If you’re striving for perfection (remember, the most important thing is having fun) use a piping bag for icing.

  • 2. Now, allow the icing to harden before you start assembling the house.
  • When the icing is hardened, assemble the house by gluing the cake components together (start with the walls and finish with the roof).
    1. 3. Now, grab the sprinkles and add a yummy and Christmassy touch to your Christmas cottage.


    1. Place irresistible treats around the house and allow little fingers to find their way to the sweets.
    2. It’s Christmas after all!